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What To Bring -
Bankruptcy Meeting



   Here is what you need to bring to a bankruptcy meeting.

  1. All pay stubs for the last six months, plus this month's pay stubs. (For both spouses even if only one spouse is filing). We must submit the last 60 days of stubs upon filing.
  2. Last two tax returns and W-2's. (Chapter 13 clients bring four years)
  3. Bank statements for the last six months. (Again both spouses.)
  4. Driver's license and social security card.
  5. A copy or original of every bill. (The name, address and account number is the most important. An approximation of the amount due is sufficient.)
  6. All information on secured creditors such as mortgages or car notes, even if you plan to keep the property and make the payments.
  7. One credit report. You are entitled to one free credit report per year. You may obtain and print the report online at
  8. A complete summary of your itemized expected living expenses.
  9. Documentation of any lawsuits. (divorce, collection and personal injury.)
  10. Documentation of your assets. (You may not have looked at life insurance, car titles, bank statements or deeds in a long time. It is time to refresh your memory.
  11. Documentation of sales. If you sold a car, house or an airplane in the last 24 months, please look for the sales documents.


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